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Paleo Diet Plan-Beginner Guide to Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet Plan

Many diet authorities have been recommending a paleo diet plan. Beginners can easily start this modified low carb type of diet that is based around the actual needs of the body and foods that were readily available and eaten by the Paleolithic era cavemen.  Their diet needs corresponded to their physical needs for constant energy and foods that could be ...

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Circuit Training To Burn Fat

Circuit Training CrossFit

In recent years, a new type of training methodology has come into vogue. Popularized by celebrities, Navy SEALs, YouTube exercise gurus and even fitness centers, high intensity circuit training to burn fat is seen as the new way to workout.   A few franchises have even sprung up offering circuit training routines such as Crossfit, but the principles are the same ...

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Importance of Combining Fitness and a Healthy Diet

Lose Weight with Good Nutrition

So you have the perfect workout routine: cardio exercises to lose weight and circuit training for building muscle and strength. You commit to the program and wait to see the results. However, many people forget the importance of combining fitness and a healthy diet. The best fat burning exercises will not make any difference if your diet is too high ...

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