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3 Smoothie Recipes To Try

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Smoothies are excellent sources of nutrients for many reasons, they are delicious and healthy. Bursting with calcium, proteins and vitamins, there is no better way of getting all these nutrients into your body. Drinking a smoothie every morning is very healthy. It makes the body feel satiated during the day, this enables you to lose weight and also get a lot of nutrients into your diet. While smoothie recipes are important for guidance, they ought to be delicious. It is also advisable to use coconut milk in the smoothie recipes, although any other milk will work just fine. Here are three simple smoothie recipes to try;

1. Fruit jab
If your body is yearning for a flavor filled, energy containing smoothie, this could be the answer to your cravings. Begin with half a cup of plain fat free yogurt, add a quarter cup of strawberries, half a cup of peaches, half a cup of pineapples and five milliliters of lemon juice. Blend them thoroughly and add a quarter cup of milk. You can optionally add bran or flax seed. This smoothie guarantees you flavor and all day energy.

2. Peach and Mango shot
For those who relish the taste of peaches and mangoes, this is the smoothie for you. Begin by peeling a mango and chopping it into pieces, blend it. Blend the peaches too. Add half a cup of the blended mango and peaches together with half a cup of plain, fat free yogurt. If you love thick smoothies, only add a quarter cup of milk, if you love thin smoothies, add half a cup of milk. Add a tablespoon of bran or wheat. You can allow it to chill for a while in the fridge.

3. Strawberry Banana delight
Strawberries and bananas give a classic flavor when coupled together. To make this amazingly tasty smoothie, begin by adding half a cup of plain, fat free yogurt to half a cup of mashed strawberries and throw in a whole banana. Pour in half a cup of milk to bring out a delicate consistency that blends in well with the banana. Add a tablespoon of bran or flax seed for energy and thoroughly blend the mixture.

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