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5 Reasons To Start Doing Yoga

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Yoga is an age old practice with it roots stretching back to ancient India. It is meant to enable you have a positive outlook towards life. In addition to this, it also enables you to have a focused, long lasting sense of inner peace and serenity. The word yoga means union and unity with your spirituality, however, most people associate yoga with athletic regimens involving people constricting their bodies into impossible coiled positions. While this may happen in some instances, yoga offers much more than flexibility. Yoga is recommended for people from all walks of life, size, shapes and age. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider.

1. It enables you to get in touch with your body
The routines performed in yoga are pegged on the idea of twisting and moving your body in order to enhance its resilience and strength. Performing yoga regularly enables you to be in sync with your body, this enables you to find out when something is okay and when its not. This can be observed when exercises that were previously working for your body do not work anymore. It improves your physical state in a pronounced and noticeable way.

2. It can enhance your breathing
The breathing exercises performed in yoga, also known as the pranayama, facilitate a centered and focused way of breathing. These routines are blended into positions and then later on performed on their own. They provide methods of stress management and make you feel better. It can help in opening the lungs of people with asthma as it enhances conscious breathing.

3. Sleep improvement
Sleep improvement is another benefit of doing yoga, it can actually enable you to sleep better. This is as a result of the routines that are meant to be completed before sleeping. Research also suggests that performing some light physical activity before sleeping can enable you fall asleep much faster, this normally leads to better sleep quality. For people with sleep problems, focusing on the problem areas can help you enhance the probability of better sleep.

4. Improving your posture
Yoga is very effective at assisting you to develop proper posture because most of its routines require a straight back for maximum effect. Good posture will definitely develop as you practice yoga. As you progress, your back will be sculpted into a poised posture which will enable you to walk taller and feel better about it.

5. It can enhance your physical and mental strength
Yoga enables you to develop outstanding mental and physical strength. Yoga mainly works by enhancing your body’s strength to enable you meditate for longer. The physical nature of the stretches ensure that you will develop more physical and core strength. During meditation, the mind focuses on the present, this enables you to clear your mind, this clears strength and enhances your mental health.

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