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5 Ways To Stay Healthy on a Budget

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Few people in the world can afford to lead lavish lifestyles. Most people have to live within their means, on tight budgets. Since the start of the turbulent economic times in 2007, the number of people living below the poverty line has risen. Even for people who have avoided such circumstances, the hard economic times have strained finances, many families are adapting to living within a budget. This involves using money in a logical and calculated way to avoid unnecessary debt. Most people consider saving up during the whole year to be able to go for a two day holiday as the ultimate luxury, for others, treating themselves to a night out every week is the ultimate luxury. There is a difference between starving your self of all the fun in life and living a healthy life affordably. Here ways of living healthy on a budget;

1. Make your own food
Try to make things that you are able to, rather than buying them in the store. Instead of buying pizza, bread and cookies, you could buy a packet of flour, which is rather cheap and make all these things yourself. You can also maintain your own garden where you can grow things like fruits and vegetables, rather than getting them from your local grocery store. By doing this, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars every month.

2. Draft a menu
Knowing what you are supposed to eat everyday can end up saving you a significant amount of money. Once you know what you are supposed to be eating, you can be able to be more focused while shopping. People who shop with a list end up saving more money than those who don’t. With a menu, you are less likely to eat out or order a pizza, you are also less likely to get bored eating the same type of food everyday.

3. Focus on whole, healthy foods
In as much as organic food is the best, most companies label their foods ‘organic’ in order to take advantage of this fad. Rather than being picky about whether what you eat is organic or not, you need to focus on getting wholesome food into your diet. Remove processed foods from your diet. Eat whole foods that look like they did while they were in the garden. Whenever possible, eat what you have grown in your own garden. This will save you money by removing the need to buy processed foods which tend to be more expensive.

4. Cook in bulk
Time is the biggest impediment to healthy living. You normally require a lot of time to make things for yourself. You can save your self the expenses of ordering food by cooking ahead. Whenever you cook, increase the portion and store the extras in the freezer for another meal. This will be convenient for you during those days when you are either too tired or too sick to cook for yourself. Whenever you are tempted to order food or eat out, you can pull out great food from your freezer, reheat it and enjoy your meal.

5. Take advantage of offers
You need to take advantage of coupons and buy stuff when stores have lowered their prices. Different stores have different prices for the things they sell. As you do your shopping, learn to memorize the various prices offered by different shops. This way, you can build up a memory containing the different prices of different products. This will enable you to buy each and every product at the store that offers the lowest price, this way, you are able to save significantly.


  1. Sometimes I think people forget how much cheaper and fresher food is when you cook for yourself.

    • Unfortunately due to the modern hustle and bustle of everyday life many people simply do grab meals on the run and even bring meals home in the evenings. The important thing to remember though is that even when you’re grabbing things on the run, you can still make some healthy choices. Thank you for the feedback!

  2. Absolutely! We couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for visiting.

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