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6 Reasons To Workout With Kettlebells

It takes strength!

Kettlebells are cannon shaped workout tools.  They get their name from their shape which resembles a kettle. Individuals who want a lean and tight physique without spending a lot of time should opt for kettlebells. Using kettlebells for workouts was conceived by Lorna Kleidman, she found out that by using them, her body rapidly became leaner and she was able to reduce her workout time by up to two thirds. The following are reasons why you should begin working out with kettlebells;

1. They are meant for everyone
Kettlebells can be used by freebies and people getting back to a routine to add resistance to routines like squats and dead lifts. Hardcore exercisers can also use them to ease their workout regimens.

2. They save time
Training with kettlebells has been proven to burn more than 20 calories per minute. This is equal to running for a mile in six minutes or skiing up a slope. Performing short, high intensity workouts with kettlebells can help you save time too.

3. They increase your stamina
Kettlebells help your body get toned, not bulky. They enable you to build strong lean muscle without getting bulky. Every workout performed with kettlebells involves the whole body, working all the major muscles in the body by applying functional movements and not individual exercises.

4. They blend strength and cardiovascular exercises
Training with kettlebells is very effective because it blends cardiovascular and strength workouts in a single regimen. As your muscles work hard, so does your heart and lungs. Essentially, you will be performing strength training while at the same time increasing your metabolism for a long time after every workout.

5. Kettlebells improve your posture
By engaging many muscle groups in the body, your core is always engaged in stabilizing each movement. When using kettlebells, your back should always remain straight. Any bending should occur at the hip, rather than from your back. This improves your overall form.

6. Kettlebells are better than other exercise equipment
Research has proven that using kettlebells provides high intensity workout regimens than using regular workout equipment to perform normal exercise routines. Kettlebells also offer better results in a shorter length of time.

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