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5 Ways To Stay Healthy on a Budget

Healthy eating

Few people in the world can afford to lead lavish lifestyles. Most people have to live within their means, on tight budgets. Since the start of the turbulent economic times in 2007, the number of people living below the poverty line has risen. Even for people who have avoided such circumstances, the hard economic times have strained finances, many families ...

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A Guide To Running For Beginners


As a beginner, your main goal in running should be to build a solid base for your subsequent transformation into an expert runner. This is done by focusing on neuro-muscular and aerobic fitness. Aerobic fitness is the ability to generate lots of energy efficiently using oxygen taken from the atmosphere. When you begin running, you have to lay more emphasis ...

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Top 5 Ways To Live A Healthier Life


Although everybody wants to live a long and healthy lifestyle, it is an uphill task. Everyone wants to improve their lives and feel better about themselves, but this seems impossible when we compare our present ways of living to how we would wish to live. It would be a huge step for us if we began eating healthy or practiced ...

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6 Superfoods You Should Include In Your Diet

Green Organic Wheat Grass Shot

Super foods are foods with an amazing amount of nutrients and excellent health benefits. Super foods have been shown to posses minerals, vitamins and other nutrients required for disease prevention. Super foods can confer protection from cardiovascular diseases to arthritis to cancer among others. These foods have quick and simple recipes. An excellent way of eating them is to add ...

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5 Reasons To Start Doing Yoga

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Yoga is an age old practice with it roots stretching back to ancient India. It is meant to enable you have a positive outlook towards life. In addition to this, it also enables you to have a focused, long lasting sense of inner peace and serenity. The word yoga means union and unity with your spirituality, however, most people associate ...

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Top 3 Exercises For Your Shoulders

Asian male doing single shoulder press

Shoulders have a significant impact on the overall physique of an individual. Having strong and broad shoulders is a widely accepted symbol of fitness. No matter how gigantic your chest and arms look, having small and narrow shoulders give you a weak look. Having strong shoulders can enhance other workout routines involving the arms like dead lifts and bench presses. ...

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6 Reasons To Workout With Kettlebells

It takes strength!

Kettlebells are cannon shaped workout tools.  They get their name from their shape which resembles a kettle. Individuals who want a lean and tight physique without spending a lot of time should opt for kettlebells. Using kettlebells for workouts was conceived by Lorna Kleidman, she found out that by using them, her body rapidly became leaner and she was able ...

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4 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

green tea

Tea is among the most liked and consumed drinks worldwide. Aside from being a wonderful, cheap beverage, devoid of calories, it has a blend of chemicals which confer several therapeutic benefits. Green tea originated from India and China, it has gained popularity for its health benefits for decades. Green tea is obtained from the un-oxidized leaves of the tea bush, ...

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3 Smoothie Recipes To Try

various berries background

Smoothies are excellent sources of nutrients for many reasons, they are delicious and healthy. Bursting with calcium, proteins and vitamins, there is no better way of getting all these nutrients into your body. Drinking a smoothie every morning is very healthy. It makes the body feel satiated during the day, this enables you to lose weight and also get a ...

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