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Best Cardio Sports That Get Results

Would you like to make your pastime passion a workout? Can you enjoy playing your favorite sport while burning calories and fat without hitting the gym?  Why not try some of these best cardio sports that get results?

Often times we begin a workout routine to increase strength and endurance so that we can excel at our favorite sport or pastime. This type of goal can be great motivators, as we look forward to new levels of performance.

Maybe we start circuit training for weight loss  as the best way to build muscle, but then we get caught up in the workout and forget the original plan. Or the typical gym workout routine becomes boring over time.

There are a number of sports that you can do to give the same cardio and strength training benefits that you can get in the gym or on the road. They can be a great compliment to your existing workout, and for some people become a passion as they begin to gain expertise.

Soccer and Other Team Sports

Some people love team sports and soccer is probably the single best cardio sport around. The reason is simple: the game never stops! There are soccer leagues for every ability, and it is a simple sport to learn.

The cardio effect from one hour of soccer is equal to any type of cardio you can do in the gym or on the road. Other team sports, such as basketball or volleyball offer similar benefits, and are a fun, social way to stay motivated.


Swimming and Surfing

Many people like to swim laps in a pool as the best cardio exercise to lose weight and build endurance. But swimming, body and board surfing for recreation in the ocean or lake are great variations to increase your conditioning.  

Swimming like this can give you a workout 2-3 times more intense than in the pool. Even doing this a couple of days a week will make a noticeable improvement in your fitness level, and help you value the time you spend in the pool training.


Wilderness and Trail Running

Best Cardio Sports

Runners who have built up their fitness level on the pavement may want to try some training off-road for a change.

This is a new way to enjoy the benefits of cardio exercise that is also more challenging.

There are more changes in the terrain, requires agility and the need to negotiate obstacles that make this workout more demanding than running on the street. It offers strength components that will enhance your overall fitness, and can be a great fat burning exercise if you stay at it.


Indoor Rock Climbing

There is a new type of gym that offers pre-set climbing walls that can give you the workout of your life. Even if you are used to circuit or weight training, climbing requires you to use your entire body, in a sustained way while you climb the wall. It may be the single best way to build muscle endurance, due to the need to push through normal limits of strength. There are classes on technique and safety that get you climbing quickly, but be careful this can be a very addicting sport!


Staying Motivated

So don’t let the weekly doldrums of going to the gym get you down or lose motivation.  Look for ways to have fun with your favorite sports or hobby to burn calories and gain strength.  Don’t have one?  Pick one and learn a whole new way to to compliment your existing workout.

Please share your workout routine and thoughts in the comment section below. Do you try to incorporate sports into your workout routine? If so, what do you enjoy playing?  Have you thought about rock climbing for a way to burn fat and lose weight?










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