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Is Pomegranate Juice Good For You?

Pomegranate juice truly is the mystery of the nutritional world. There are many studies currently being conducted about this wonderful little fruit, however; the question remains, is pomegranate juice good for you?


What’s been proven about pomegranate juice?


Not a whole lot has truly been proven through research about pomegranate juice, other than its high content of antioxidants. While this is certainly not something to simply brush aside as antioxidants are very important for the prevention of numerous types of cancer, other foods such as green tea and dark purple fruits also contain these same antioxidants but their content levels are somewhat less. It is uncertain though as to just how many antioxidants are needed in yourIs Pomegranate Good For You? daily diet.


Pomegranate juice is also very high in vitamin K, which our bodies use for bone development and blood clotting. The thing is though, that many fruits and vegetables such as spinach and kale are as high or higher in vitamin K content.


Pomegranate juice is a strong provider of folate though, which helps your body absorb vitamin B12 that is essential for healthy cell development.


So what research is being conducted into the benefits of pomegranate juice?


Once again, the benefits of pomegranate juice are still being thoroughly researched. It is known that pomegranate juice contains significant amounts of antioxidants however; research is showing that pomegranate juice has numerous other benefits for your body.


One study, for example, showed that pomegranate juice may help to increase blood flow to your heart and decrease LDL cholesterol levels. You know the stuff that’s responsible for heart attack, heart disease, and other cardiovascular related illnesses?


With such serious consequences resulting from elevated LDL cholesterol levels, you can understand why more research is being done into the heart health benefits of pomegranate juice. Other research on pomegranate juice doesn’t just stop at just heart disease though.


New studies are showing that pomegranate juice could slow or even stop prostate cancer growth. With so many men being affected by prostate cancer, this is certainly an area in which more research is needed.


The downside of pomegranate juice


With all the benefits currently being researched in the pomegranate juice, it’s hard to believe that pomegranate juice does have one major downfall to it. Unfortunately, pomegranate juice has a very high level of sugar content.


Pomegranate juice ranks highly in sugar content as it contains more than 30 g of sugar per serving. Even when compared to other fruit juices. This is a lot of sugar.


The good news though is that studies have shown even consuming pomegranate juice over a long period does not drastically increase blood sugar or glucose levels, and it has not been shown to hinder weight loss efforts, or significantly make you pack on the pounds.


Closing thoughts on pomegranate juice


This little fruit provides you with a lot of great antioxidants. The thing is though, that many of these can be obtained from other sources that have had more thorough research conducted on them.


While drinking pomegranate juice as a supplement certainly shows no negative side effects, there are not a lot of confirmed health benefits to it either. This is certainly one to watch in the future as more studies are conducted into its overall benefit.


What are your thoughts about pomegranate juice? Do you believe it’s a super fruit as many advertisers say? Have you noticed significant health improvements yourself by consuming pomegranate juice? Please take a moment to share your thoughts and stories below and as always, thank you for taking the time to read this post.


  1. I have a question about the sugar content of pomegranates. Is it naturally high in sugar or is it manufactured into juice with sugar added? I know pomegranates are a bit tart to taste. Sort of like cranberries.

    • The bitter taste of pomegranates are certainly deceptive Eden as much of the sugar content is within the fruit itself. Thanks for the feedback!

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