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Stay Motivated With Workout Results

Have you started an exercise routine and find it difficult to continue with the day to day grind of getting into “workout mode?”   How can you stay motivated with workout results that keep you in the groove?

Measuring your progress regularly and celebrating your results can be a way to encourage you to keep up your routine, lace up your gym shoes and achieve those fitness goals, even on days that a workout is the last thing you want to tackle.

Measure achievements 

If you can actually see specific achievements then you will know that you are receiving the benefits of circuit training, fat burning exercises or even walking for 30 minutes a day. All of these workouts give you a means to measure progress, in many time frames and ways. Here are a few of the best measurements of increased fitness and health.Stay Motivated with Workout Results

Weight Loss

This may be the number one reason people begin to exercise, either for health or appearance. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, this could be a long term goal.

A typical benchmark is to lose 1-2 pounds a week, which may not sound like a lot but in a month or two you will be 10 pounds lighter! For this reason, weight loss progress should be measured on a longer time frame, using a 90 day goal instead of one week.

Fat Loss

This can be different from weight loss since some workouts such as circuit training to build muscle can actually add body weight. In this case, you are looking for a leaner and trimmer physique with fat burning exercises and don’t really care how much you weigh overall. You can use some form of body fat percent measurement, or simply rely on a tape measure and mirror to note your progress. How your clothes fit will be a sure symbol of progress in this area, as you reshape your body’s ratios.

Time and Distance

For those who run and walk for the best cardio exercise, a great measurement of progress is the distance you cover every day, or the amount of time on the road or treadmill. If you find that you can gradually increase the time and distance, and you are feeling stronger through the duration, you have a sure sign that your fitness level is increasing.

Some runners like to measure pace, or minutes per mile, as a way of measuring fitness and enter fun runs and races for that reason. Someone who is walking for weight loss can be sure that the benefits of walking 30 minutes a day will only increase if they can go for a longer period of time such as 45 minutes to an hour.

 How You Look and Feel

One of the simplest ways to measure progress is your personal energy and appearance. With a fitness program you are going to enjoy benefits that go beyond athletic performance or body fat percentage. You will have an enhanced level of well being and reduced stress, as well as radiant skin that benefits from having increased blood flow and oxygen.

People may even comment on your physical changes and that can be one of the best measurements that there is. Overall, the best payoff and measure of progress is the inner feeling of vitality and confidence that comes with a higher level of fitness and health. You may have started exercising to lose weight, but you will continue with it for the many additional benefits available.


Have you started a workout routine?  Are you starting to see and feel the results?  What really keeps you motivated to keep exercising?  Do you have any tips to share on what keeps you motivated?

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