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Summer Fitness Activities With Kids

Summer Fitness Activities With KidsSummer is finally here.  Now that the school is over, summer fitness activities with kids is more important than ever.  How are you going to keep your kids active and away from their gaming devices and TV?  Are you feeling the guilt about getting your own workout routine squeezed into your busy days that still allow you to spend time with your kids?

Let’s talk about some activities that will include your children in your workouts, where the whole family gets fit and most importantly everyone will have fun.

Walking and Jogging

For any parent that is looking for a great workout program, walking and running are often the simplest. If you have a child under 2 or 3 years old, walking with a stroller is no less effective, and you can still enjoy the benefits of your workout and the kids get to be outdoors. For runners, there are many jogging strollers that are designed specifically for this purpose, they are lighter and have bigger wheels and tires that accommodate the higher speeds. As kids get older why not have them accompany you on their bike or scooter while you run or walk, and you can create an entire family excursion if you want to.  This is truly quality time and I must admit, I look forward to my walks with my kids.

Home Exercise Videos

What about home fitness videos?  Kids can have a lot of fun doing the same workout that you are with one of these videos. Whether it is dance, zumba, aerobics or yoga videos they have a natural ability to perform these routines, and may even be better at it than you are! Attention span can be an issue, so you may have to keep the workout interesting and have a backup plan if they get tired.

If you want to have a lot of fun and you own a Wii, there are fitness and Zumba games that kids love. Better yet, have a Wii dance off with Just Dance.  Not only can you get in a great workout with these, you will be sure to have plenty of laughs and maybe even pick up a few new dance moves.

Sports and Outings

How about starting a family game of soccer, baseball, basketball or even jumping rope together?   What a great fun and healthy way to keep fit and just think of the bonding experience this together time will create. Having regular sports that you do with your kids will help you maintain or even improve your fitness level and your kids will think you are super fun.

Water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, hiking, and riding bikes together are also perfect ways to keep your own fitness while building good exercise habits in your kids. Hopefully, seeing your commitment to fitness and activity, they will adopt this attitude themselves.

Additional Fun Fitness Ideas With Kids

There has been a surge in the popularity of rock climbing gyms, which can be an excellent way to exercise with your kids. First of all, climbing is one of the best sports to build strength and stamina, and kids seem to excel at it since climbing is a natural tendency for them anyway. Many of these climbing gyms have kids classes and programs.

Similar to this are shared outdoor adventure experiences:

  • White Water rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming
  • Exploring with a map and compass
  • Surfing classes
  • A round of golf without a cart
  • Rollerblading
  • Beach sprints
  • Hiking

Don’t stop here, how about a game of tennis, badminton or beach volleyball?

You will be pleasantly surprised that exercising with your kids may be a better workout than doing circuit training routines at the gym, and a lot more fun because you are guilt free.

Give it a try and be creative.  Make it fun for the whole family!

What will your summer fitness activities with your kids be?  How will you incorporate your workout routines into family fun?  Please share your ideas with us here, it could help us all and we’d love to hear them.


  1. It seems like it’s so hard to even convince kids to get off the XBox without a battle these days. I found the magic formula seems to be to offer hiking with swimming. Thanks for some great ideas on getting my kids off the xbox and out to the sandbox.

    • I understand your challenge all to well. I’m hoping with a little creativity we can get our kids to enjoy the great outdoors.

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