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Top 3 Exercises For Your Shoulders

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Shoulders have a significant impact on the overall physique of an individual. Having strong and broad shoulders is a widely accepted symbol of fitness. No matter how gigantic your chest and arms look, having small and narrow shoulders give you a weak look. Having strong shoulders can enhance other workout routines involving the arms like dead lifts and bench presses. For athletes, having well sculpted shoulder muscles can enable you to have a tougher stance, it also reduces the risk of picking up injuries while exercising. Nearly all arm exercises work the shoulder to some extent. It is important to balance your workouts to incorporate the parts of your shoulders that have not been worked out. Here is a list of the top three workout routines for the shoulder;

1. Military press
This is also referred to as the standing overhead press. This demanding exercise can enhance the size and definition of your shoulders. It is considered as a mandatory routine for weightlifters.
Start with a weight, preferably a bar, resting on your chest while you are in a sitting position. Push the bar upwards, passing in front of your face and stop just before your elbows lock. With a steady gait, bring the weight back to its original position. Do not involve your legs in any part of this regimen as it will change the dynamics of the routine.

2. Dumbbell shoulder press
This routine can literary make your shoulder exponentially swell. It can be done in a standing or sitting position, but the focus of the routine remains the same. It is advisable that you do not attempt to lift more than you can.
This regimen begins with both hands holding a dumbbell each, resting on the shoulder. Starting with the right side, lift the dumbbell until your hand is fully extended, steadily return the weight to its original position. As you lower the weight, execute the routine with your left hand in an alternating movement.

3. Upright barbell rows
This routine may seem impossible to people with under developed shoulder muscles, particularly the rotator cuffs. It greatly impacts the middle peak of the deltoid. Meticulously using the weights and the routine can rapidly enhance the capacity of these muscles.
It is performed by holding the bar with your hands shoulder width apart. Lift the weight up to the point where your elbows fully fold. Your elbows should point away from the body, the bar should only reach just below your the level of your chin. Return the weight to its original position to complete a repetition.

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