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Top Fat Burning Exercises


Top Fat Burning ExercisesAlmost every adult past the age of 30 wants to find some way to burn excess fat. This is often the primary motivation to begin a workout regime or a change in diet. These top fat burning exercises are designed to specifically work on metabolizing fat stores in the body, giving a more toned and attractive appearance. Are you looking to burn a few calories? Lose a few extra pounds?  These exercises can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

How Fat is Burned

Let’s get a little technical to understand how this whole process works. Fat stores are there to help you survive, and are the densest form of stored energy in the body. For this reason, getting rid of fat can be a challenge because the body is programmed to hang on to it for times of low nourishment.

Therefore, fat will not burn until other forms of energy are depleted, such as glycogen in the body from your last meal. The trick is to find fat burning exercises that force the body to use up those fat reserves and remove them from waist, belly, thighs and buttocks.

Fat Burning Exercises

Top Fat Burning Exercises #1 – Cardio Workouts

Workouts such as distance running and cycling will use up the available energy in the blood and muscle cells after about 30-40 minutes, and after that the body will have to go to the fat stores for energy. The key to making this one of the top fat burning exercises is the length of the workout, since it does take time to access the fat burning level of cardio exercise.

Experienced runners and cyclists can feel when this shift takes place, as there is difficulty in keeping the same pace as the body starts to burn the fat reserves. It does work however, but if you do less than 30 minutes a day of cardio you wont get to a fat burning level with that exercise alone.

Top Fat Burning Exercises #2 – High Intensity Weight Training and Circuit Training

Top Fat Burning Exercises #2 Circuit TrainingThis is a different type of fat burning exercise, which is designed to elevate the body’s metabolism to a maximum level in a short period of time. Specific muscle groups are isolated in a circuit of resistance exercises, and worked to a level of output that calls on the body to use all available energy. It is like turning up the heat in an oven, everything cooks much faster and cools off more slowly.

The other part of high intensity training is that the metabolism will stay elevated for as long as 12 hours after the workout. It is not easy however, and there is an element of short term muscle burn and cardiovascular effort at around 70-80% of maximum heart rate. You can learn more about circuit training here.

Top Fat Burning Exercises # 3 – Combination Method of Fat Burning

Usually, one will not begin with this high intensity training, but can ease into it by introducing circuit training to follow a cardio workout. This is a nice combination where the cardio is used to deplete the easy access energy, then the circuits create a new demand that has to be met by fat stores to keep the exercise routine going.

The entire combination can add up to an hour of exercise total, which certainly puts one into the fat burning exercise zone. If you start with this, your body will become gradually fit, and then you can ramp up the intensity to create more fat burning results.


As always, try to keep in mind that a clean healthy diet will help you achieve your goals and see faster results with your top fat burning exercises.  Don’t forget, there are a lot of additional exercises that will burn fat like hiking, stepping on a stair stepper and elliptical machines.  Just taking the first step will make a difference.

Have you tried any of these workouts?  Have you noticed success in getting rid of unnecessary weight?  Are you considering a new workout program that helps in burning fat?  Which type of exercises interests you the most?


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